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The announcement came after protests against Mr Morales escalated and turned violent.

Earlier in the week opposition protesters burnt and pillaged government offices in city of Santa Cruz, which was followed by an attack on a gas pipeline that feeds the neighbouring giant of Brazil.

Both belligerents moved more troops into the Chaco, and by 1932 war was definitely under way.

In June the Bolivians seized Paraguayan positions in the northern Chaco and launched a successful attack in the central Chaco against Fortín Boquerón.

Thereafter, Bolivia attempted to break out of its landlocked situation through the Río de La Plata system to the Atlantic coast; athwart that route lay the Gran Chaco, which the Bolivians thought had large reserves.

Bolivia seemed to enjoy overwhelming advantages over Paraguay: it had thrice the latter’s population, an army well-trained by the German general Hans von Kundt, and an ample supply of arms purchased by loans from American banks.

Lake Titicaca, at an altitude of 12,507 ft (3,812 m), is the highest commercially navigable body of water in the world. Famous since Spanish colonial days for its mineral wealth, modern Bolivia was once a part of the ancient Inca empire.

At the end of a three-week truce, Estigarribia renewed his drive (Jan.

When the Spanish first encountered Tiahuanaco in the sixteenth century, they went to great efforts to destroy it.

Bolivia is important to the US in the war against drugs as it grows coca, the extracts of which are used to produce cocaine.

Mr Morales, a former coca farmer, has legalised to a limited extent the production of coca, which is chewed by the majority indigenous population to fight altitude sickness in the mountain nation and to boost energy.

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But the existence of a large indigenous group forced to live under the thumb of their colonizers created a stratified society of haves and have-nots that continues to this day.

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