Romantic dating stories

In honor of Valentine's Day, we've rounded up some of the most romantic tearjerkers on the internet.Nicholas Sparks fans, get ready to bawl your eyes out.In fact, Stuart was Hannah's rock throughout the entire recovery process.

Fingers crossed there are lots more success stories to come, eh?My mom and I stop at a clothes store after she picks me up from school.Since I haven’t had a chance to change, I’m still wearing my uniform, with my middle school’s name clearly written on the front of the shirt.So, even though I look older than I am, it should be very obvious that I’m underage.My mom and I are shopping in different sections of the store with a plan to meet up in the shoe section in a half hour.

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but Sam, everyone’s favourite waiter, was on hand to be play the role of knight in shining armour. We didn’t have high hopes for Megan and Steven at first…

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