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I love being in the countryside walking, horse riding and going to events but also I am just as happy spending time having a girly day out. 2) I WILL give you some sort of nickname, you WILL probably hate it!! 4) I like trying new things, going places, eating out and drinking wine.

im 26, live in hereford with my mum, dad, few cats n couple of dogs. 5) I like happy and funny people that make me laugh until I do a teeny snort noise.

At Hereford Magistrates’ Court he was given a restraining order which bans him from Hereford hospital to protect NHS staff.

If he breaks the year-long order, Probert could face up to five years in prison.

In a run-up to Christmas the British Prime Minister Michael Callow is woken up and shown a disturbing video.

On it he sees that people's princess Susannah of Beaumont has been abducted and will allegedly be murdered unless he has sex with a pig on live television.

Some of the participants have tattoos showing a whale on their arm/s.

The nature of this demand is the whole episode and it is darkly comic when it is revealed.

The Hereford Academy recognises that because Academy staff are in regular and frequent contact with children, they are particularly well placed to observe signs of abuse.

The Academy is aware of the responsibilities which all staff have with regard to the protection of children from abuse and from inappropriate and inadequate care.

Despite being ordered not to look, millions of people tune in though their amusement soon turns to horror at what they see.

Although I love Charlie Brooker and heard nothing but good things about this show, it took me well over a year to get around to watching it.

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