I also know how essential it is for all of us to love and embrace our bodies. This ability to not only accept ourselves in the skin that we're in and our own unique expression of our sexuality may be the most healing, transformational and difficult practice for people to master. Think of it this way; if 10,000 hours equals mastery of a subject -- how many hours have you spent hating your own body and shaming your sexuality? Have your "mastered" your own dysfunction and self loathing? My body is perfect and deserves to be loved just as it is today. As a sex educator and body positive advocate, I believe that saying body positive affirmations to yourself is one of the best things that you can do to help shift your own attitudes about your body, your sexual energy and your stories about your body. On this week's episode of IVM Likes we have Sharanya, Navin and Abbas in the studio along with Josh who makes an appearance in the second half.This not only reveals the difficulties felt by the Stoics on that subject but uncovers the huge variety of attitudes taken by the pagan Greek philosophers.It thus provides a contrasting background for the very particular view that Augustine stamped on the Western Christian tradition which will be the subject of Chapter 26.

All materials including galleries and links are provided by third parties and the content of those pages is not controlled by us.It doesn't matter what you think about another person's beauty or sexiness -- this is something that almost all people struggle with on a daily basis; you are not alone. There are practices that you can do from your very own home and at no cost to you -- to make the process a lot easier. Paul and Paul watch the season premiere and discuss a preview piece by Allison Herman on The Ringer this week.As a sexuality and body positivity educator, I know how difficult it is for people to change their "stories" about their body and their sexuality. My body has needs that deserve to be heard and honored. Thank you body for giving me pleasure and taking care of me today.

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